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Dynamic Mobile App Development

"The people at The Pawnee Group love to design, create, and launch new products. We seek to lead dynamic development efforts to build apps with significant impact in the marketplace. We specialize in mobile app development."


Sample Applications

The following App Store applications provide a demonstration of our engineering skills.
Our Greek & Hebrew Study Bible demonstrates the use of a large multi-language lexicon overlaying CoreData. The pages are dynamically generated Java within web views all based on user criteria and device orientation.

Embedded Java allows for user interaction (highlighted text, user notes, spontaneous word definitions in the original language) regardless of user criteria.

Learning of Hebrew and Greek are facilitated via flash card prompts and the app learns  what knowledge the user has gained and progresses the learner to ever more difficult words and phraseology.

Finally, mapping technology is used to allow the user to identify the scriptural locations as scripture is studied.
FrontCover demonstrates the use of CoreData to provide local storage of images and large text strings. It uses REST APIs to retrieve information from Google, The Library of Congress, Goodreads and several other organizations. Many of the updates occur on background threads thereby bring up-to-date information to the user without them having to focus on it.

FrontCover also provides a deeply linked interface via LinkShare to the iTunes Store. The interface allows the user to purchase and download iBooks, audio books and send gift certificates. When purchased, FrontCover provides direct linking to the correct app (iBook or iTunes) so as to allow the user direct access the book purchased.

FrontCover also demonstrates an email and social media interface.
"When Peter Rabbit Went To School" demonstrates our knowledge of Quartz Graphics, gaming loops and synchronization of audio with graphic presentation. The app also supports several gesture recognizers that make the app intuitive for use by toddlers.

This app is intended to provide classic reading exposure for the young learner. It allows them to "read along" while the app highlights the words in synchronization with the audio being read. In addition, the app allows the young reader to tap items on the screen to learn the spelling of what is being presented graphically on the screen.

Books are prepared for sale via an app we call storyBuilder. This app allows the non-programmer to layout a book's graphics and synchronize their animation with prerecorded sounds. The resulting serialized data is combined with an app we call storyPlayer to produce a completed product for sale in the App Store.
Sample Banking App
This banking app demonstrates an encrypted interface to bank-hosted systems that demand the utmost in data security while providing the user with everyday usability.

The app allows the user access to his or her accounts, to view or print statements, to transfer money, pay bills, and make deposits by imaging checks via the phones camera.

You may be using a version of this app on your phone right now.