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FrontCover - A Reading App  (Release Notes) is a tool for those who love to read. No matter what you read (or listen to), FrontCover will be an invaluable tool to track your reading. It allows you to take notes, track reading assignments, download ebooks or audio books, sort and rank your reading or share your thoughts with friends. Never accidentally buy a book you've previously read. You will love rating, sorting or filtering your books. Everyone who reads should have FrontCover.

Click the following link to purchase FrontCover from the App Store.

New Install
New users to FrontCover are walked through the steps necessary to get up and running quickly. Although, FrontCover has a default Reading List, new users are encouraged to create personalized lists prior to adding their first books.

The user starts by creating at least one reading list. Books in FrontCover are organized by reading lists. Reading lists can be anything. Usually, reading lists are similar to the way you might organize books on shelves. For example, you might create a reading list as "Current Reading" and another as "Previous Reading" or "Future Reading". You could also create lists based on genre or by school class name ("Literature 101").

You may create any number of reading lists. To Create a Reading List, tap the + icon at the top right of the menu bar. A new menu will appear and the Reading List icon will shake to grab your attention.

Adding Books and Reading Lists
Once the user has created reading lists, they start adding books to their library. They, too, are added via the + icon. From this screen, one can add books from the New York Times Best Seller list, by scanning an ISBN bar code, or by searching the millions and millions of volumes in our databases. The bottom right icon is tapped to maintain Reading Lists.

Behind the curtain, the app is using scanning technology to recognize bar codes and is using REST APIs to The Library of Congress, The New York Times, and Google Books.
FrontCover Main Screen
Once books have been added to FrontCover, they will begin to appear on the main screen. This screen will appear each time you start Front Cover. From the main screen, one may delete books, locate information about FrontCover, sort the books, or return to adding books.

Each Reading List is represented by a section header. The header lists the Reading List’s title and the number of books on the list. The default sort is by Reading List and author name within list.

Books maybe deleted using the standard Apple gestures or by pressing the EDIT button.

If you touch a book, the book detail will be presented.

Book Detail
FrontCover stores a lot information on each book you have. Although most of the information is obvious, try touching various fields or images to see what happens. You might be surprised.

Bold fields are the ones you can change. Touching them will cause a keyboard or data picker to pop up.

Touching the author name provides additional options for author name and related book searches.

The buttons along the bottom of the screen provide access to Notes, Assignments, and additional information from our data providers. Touching the NOTES icon or the ASSIGNMENTS icon will pop up those screens. You can share your book with others by touching the SHARE icon. You can share using Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Notice that touching the Reading List field allows you to move the book to another list.

Loaning Books
Notice the LOAN button. This button allows you to declare a book loaned or borrowed. If selected, the button will highlight in red.

The information icon beside the LOAN button may be used to find additional information about the loan.

If you tap the NOTES icon, this screen will appear. It lists all of the Notes you have created for a particular book. The number, titles, and content of notes is up to you. You can view or edit an existing Note just by touching it. A new Note is created by touching the ADD (+) button. Notes may be deleted using the standard Apple gesture of swiping then taping delete or by tapping the EDIT button.

Like books, Notes can be shared.

Assignments work just like Notes except they have due dates and reminders.

Notice the red due date listed on each line.

Searching for New Books
You can search for a new book by using subject, title, ISBN, or author name. Millions and millions of books are available. Sometimes, they will not have a valid ISBN. This is especially true for books published before 1930.

Once you have found a book, add it to your shelves by pressing the add icon at the bottom of the book detail screen. The number of books you can add is only limited by the space available on your phone. You cannot duplicate ISBNs; however, you can have multiple versions of the same book. For example, you could have both an e-book and audio version.

The type of search is controlled by tapping the buttons immediately below the search field. The search criteria is entered in the search field. Search criteria may use + or - to add or remove criteria. For example, europe+travel-italy would include books about European travel less any about travel in Italy.

The results are presented to you with most relevant first sorted by newest books.

Share Your Book with Others
When you touch the SHARE icon, you will be provided with choices for Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail. To use Facebook or Twitter, you must have these apps installed and configured on your smart device.
Book Detail Options
While on a particular book’s detail, you can touch the author’s name for additional options including editing the author’s name, looking up information about the author, finding the books in the series, and searching for similar books.
Master View Sorts
Tapping the SORT icon (up down icon, located next to + icon) will cause FrontCover to present you with alternative sort options. These include reading list (DEFAULT), TITLE, AUTHOR, WHEN READ, PUBlish DATE, MY RATING (actually, its your rating), and the GOOGLE RATING. If you select the same sort twice in a row, Front Cover will reverse the sort. For example, if you sort by title, Front Cover will initially sort A to Z. If you sort by title again, Front Cover will sort by Z to A.

You can shake your device to return to the DEFAULT sort.

Master View / Section Management
Regardless of the type of sort, you can compress and expand sections to reduce the number of books on your screen.

To compress a section, you can touch the section header or you can pinch the books within the section. To expand a section, just touch the section header again.

You can shake your device to return to the DEFAULT sort with uncompressed sections.