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Greek & Hebrew Study Bible

Starting Menu
Feature-rich shouldn’t mean complicated. We believe the menu system should be out front and open. We also believe in collecting feedback from end users. Nothing is more frustrating that finding a bug and feeling like you the customer has to work to report it. Providing feedback should be easy.
Sample Side-by-Side Interlinear
Often times, the most useful apps are the ones who find ways of simply providing a wealth of information at your fingertip. Take this page for example. It would be one thing to simply offer Greek or English text. Nothing hard there! But what if you could simple touch a word for a definition? Or what if you could interleave the English and the Greek to highlight a historical background ...

Word Definition
This is an example of an app that uses 75 mb of optimized databases sitting behind the scenes bringing definitions, languages, correlations and cross references to the finger tips of the end user. Making data easy to use, allows you fully understand and use the data. And that is what makes users come back again and again ! 

Word Search
What if you want to simply look up a Greek or Hebrew word and see how and where it is used? Sure, no problem, the database is already setup to look at the lexicon backwards or forwards. 
Assisted Learning
What if you want to study the words so that you don’t need to use crutches to read the original language. Again no problem. We know which words are statistically more important and will start by helping you memorize words in a logical and meaningful way.

Reading Options
This volume of data in an optimized database also means you can search the text with complex ways, and review the history of your previous searches.

We can also take place names from the text and place them on the map in their geographically correct positions.
We allow the user to highlight text. The app does all the rest to make certain the highlighting appears everytime the text is accessed.

You write and attach notes to the text. The user of the app will wish all of their data was this easy to find and organize.