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When Peter Rabbit Went To School

Settings Page
This page allows the user to adjust the volume of the background music in relation to the reading volume. Overall volume is set with the volume control on your iPad or iPhone. The Music On/Off switch allows you to turn on or off background music.

The Reading On/Off turns on or off the reading of the story to the user.

Automatic Page Turning when turned to On causes the app to automatically turn to the next page when the current page is completed.

Begin Reading causes the app to close the settings page and begin the book.

Behind the scenes, there are two AVAudio objects being adjusted by the user. Reading is synchronized with the timing coming from each object.
Title Page
Example Automatic Reading
As the text is read, each word will turn from black to red. Other background sounds play in coordination with the text.

With Automatic Page Turn on, the app will proceed to the next page after the last word is read.

Graphic objects are animated and background noises occur in synchronization with the sound.

Behind the scenes, a gaming loop is executing to synchronize everything seen and heard.
Animation and Background Sound
Children will love the background sounds and animations that occur on each page as the book is read to them ...
Animation and Background Sound
... sometimes with surprising results !