The Pawnee Group, Inc.

Dynamic Mobile App Development

"The people at The Pawnee Group love to design, create, and launch new products. We seek to lead dynamic development efforts to build apps with significant impact in the marketplace. We specialize in mobile app development."


We specialize in mobile application development. We have a proven record and experience through delivering 90 high power applications across diverse business environments including finance, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, education, direct marketing and iOS App Store Utilities.

Our applications are in the hands of hundreds of thousands of people in more than 30 countries. The companies with which we have worked range from $15M startups to public companies with $500m in sales.

Example best selling apps include multiple credit union apps, a "Greek and Hebrew Study Bible", "FrontCover - A Reading App"; and, children's interactive learning apps, e.g., "When Peter Rabbit Went To School". Our apps have been named "App of the Week" multiple times. The description of each app on the Sample Products page demonstrate mastery of most iOS and xCode technologies.

Regardless of the size of your organization, we can develop a mobile app that will add big company feel for your products and company. We offer both a dynamic development group with presence in both the North America and China.

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